Left of Centre Creations

you are only limited by your imagination

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Leanne started out over 30 years ago as an apprentice jeweller. During this period in her 3rd year, she became fascinated by pearl threading. The method that she learnt used an old technique that had been handed down from generations. The woman that taught her was in her 60’s during that time whilst Leanne was in her 20’s. Interestingly enough, the same woman had started out (when she was the same age as Leanne) taught by another woman in her 60’s.

Since then, Leanne now specialises in Pearl Threading and is currently works at the GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia) as their instructor. She teaches at their Sydney and Melbourne office and continues to do so producing Pearl Threading graduates for the last 25 years.

Leanne also sources a large portion of her material from travelling to farms and wholesalers internationally. This enables her to hand pick the highest quality as well as unique pieces ensuring that she in turn produces fine artistic pieces to be sold at the most affordable rate.

Leanne’s passion lies not only in pearls but also in gemstones. She loves working with the myriad of colours, shapes and textures and views each piece as a link to a story.

This passion leads to creativity and Leanne has expanded the materials she is working with to include “buttons”. Her Grandmother “Leila” who was a major influence in Leanne’s formative years has inspired this.

This wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the jewellery trade allows Leanne to offer you a quality product and service. She has decided to concentrate on producing her own lines and limited outsourced work to smaller businesses and artists.

For affordable, unique and handmade jewellery, please contact Leanne Robson.